How much my program cost?

Nothing, nada, nic, שום דבר

And if you wish to make a small (or better - large) donation, here are some guidlines:
After making donation you will have less money to spend on unheatlhy habits like booze, cigaretes or sex.
You will loose weigh - the only proven way to loose weight - if you cannot afford to buy food.
You will have less cavities if you cannot afford to buy sweets.
You will have better chance to go to heaven: Jesus said - It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven.

How much to donate

Hear are some examples:

Mr. P from California gave for this program all money he had.
His 60 year old wife died from hunger. Now Mr. P is happy married to 18 years old Philipino girl.

Ms. K paid for this program $100,000. When her husband found it, he got a heart attack. Now Ms. K is living with her gardener on her's husband 20 milion dollar life insurance policy.

Mr. M from Tel-Aviv did not pay a penny for this program. A week later his dog commited suicide, his son married a shiksa and his wife gave a birth to a black baby.

You decide how much to pay.